Nissan Engine HR16  1.6. The HR is a family of straight-3 and straight-4 automobile engines co-developed by Nissan (Aichi Kikai) and Renault. Renault calls it the H engine. There are two basic designs with 72.2 mm (2.84 in) resp. 78 mm (3.07 in) bore diameter.

Nissan Engine HR16 1.6

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  • Nissan Engine HR16  1.6.178 mm series1.1HR10DE1.2HR12DE1.3HR14DET (Renault H4Jt)1.4HR15DE (Renault H4K)1.5HR16DE (Renault H4M)1.6DE engine updates (2006–present)1.7HR12DDR272.2 mm series2.1HR12DDT / HRA2 (Renault H5Ft)2.2HR10DE (Renault H4D)2.3HR09DET (Renault H4Bt)2.4HR13DDT (Renault H5Ht)2.5HR10DET / HRA0 (Renault H4Dt)2.6HR10DDT