Renault D4K 1.2 16V. The Renault DiET engine also known as "D engine" or "D-Type" is a straight-4 automobile engine from Renault designed to replace the existing Cléon-Fonte engine in the Renault Twingo.

Renault D4K 1.2 16V

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  • The D Engine was designed simply because the "Energy Engine 1.2 Clio by design with its hemispherical cylinder head exhaust up to the front of the head could not fit under the hood early Twingo. The launch of the Twingo 1993 Renault was not thought too the success of this small car, at that time, the Energy engine had recently appeared, it was unthinkable to conceive another engine displacement and power equivalently, the design of an engine generates several years of study and costs are considerable. So to launch its Twingo in 1993, Renault's legendary spring and proven Cléon-Fonte engine in an exclusive engine 1.2 L (1,239 cc), which it could fit under the hood of the little Renault, equipping it of single point injection system. The Cleon-Fonte engine is an old design , since it has a lateral camshaft (with rockers and pushrods), this engine appeared in 1962 on Renault Floride and Renault